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Vicky Lin

0918 277 5452/ 0916 619 8686

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Avida REN

 Ridgeview Estates Summary

(fronting commercial lot which is adjacent to Xavier School)

25.9 hectares, 704 units

House and Lot Package

Lot Package

Floor Area: 98 sqm to 129 sqm

Lot Area: 154- 327 sqm

P 5M to 9M


MANY families dream of living in harmony with the natural environment without giving up the conveniences they enjoy in the city. Now, this lifestyle is made possible thanks to Ayala Land Inc. for creating NUVALI, a 1,840-hectare eco-city development in Santa Rosa and Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna. NUVALI is envisioned to become the BIGGEST CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT here in the South.


Avida Ridgeview Estates is a residential community that features the pedestrian-friendly Greenway,  a wide-open space with lush greenery and tree-lined lawns. It is divided into two zones so residents can make the most of their leisure and play time. The Active Zone includes a basketball court and children’s play area, while the Social Zone houses the multipurpose hall and pool area.

Avida Ridgeview Estates offers 5 house models :

The Traditional type

1. Chloe

2. Daphne

3. Holly

The Greenway type

1. Iris

2. Jasmin



For sales inquiries, please contact:

Vicky Lin
cp  0918 277 5452/ 0916 619 8686
Avida Nuvali In-House Property Specialist 

Avida Sales Corp., SOUTH (Nuvali)